Month: March 2019

Man Out

#MeToo has done much good for women who have suffered in silence for far too long, but it also has left many men fearful of being accused of innocent acts, casting a pall on relations between the sexes. While initially aimed at exposing individual men and raising awareness of a critical problem, some #MeToo proponents have moved on to see men, in general, as evil – a simplistic and totalizing way of thinking all too much like racism, anti-Semitism, and – for that matter – sexism.

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Man Out

By Andrew L. Yarrow
March 07, 2019

We rightfully mourn the approximately 7,000 U.S. members of the armed services who have died in the long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Yet, the death toll from more than 17 years of war is slightly less than the yearly total of suicides by active-duty service members and veterans.

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Man Out

As the number of Democratic candidates for the Presidency continues to grow, most prominent Democrats are afraid of addressing serious issues facing millions of American men. These include the huge numbers of men (white and people of color) who are no longer in the labor force; male suicide and drug/alcohol addiction; fathers with little or no contact with their children; men’s health and mental health; men’s isolation and civic disengagement; conflicting messages about “masculinity” and who a man should be; incarcerated and formerly incarcerated men; men (and women) in fragile cohabiting unions; disillusionment with America, its politics, and capitalism; anger among many men; and how men’s problems affect children and women.

I have addressed this issue in several articles, in the Washington Post and USA Today. If the Democrats want to win in 2020, nationally and in swing districts, they are shooting themselves in the foot by disparaging them as “deplorables,” “rednecks,” “lazy,” “rightwing crazies,” “misogynists,” “the enemy,” and more. Among too many on the left, men are bad and women are the only sex needing help. “Political correctness” has run amok, further alienating many men (and women).

If I were to choose a Democratic candidate who could have broad appeal, reaching out to struggling men as well as traditional constituencies (women, people of color, the young), my man would be Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. (Joe Biden also has the intelligence, compassion, and good sense to understand the problems of many American men.

Man Out: Men on the Sidelines of American Life: