Listen Liz: Man-Bashing Isn’t a Joke

Man Out

Elizabeth Warren, the Democratic front-runner, has now gotten into the business of not-so-funny man-bashing before a national audience.

She was asked during the other night’s debate how she would respond if a voter said to her: “I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman”?

Warren responded: ” “Well, I’m going to assume it’s a guy who said that. And I’m going to say, ‘Then just marry one woman — I’m cool with that.’” She paused: “Assuming, you can find one.”

As the Washington Post correctly said, it gave the audience “the chance to snicker along about the evident cluelessness” of men and laugh about how pathetically unappealing men in general, (most? some?) men who ask a question like that? must be to (most? all?) women. Her answers also were dismissive of anyone who might have opinions that differ with hers.

This trope that men are clueless and good for a laugh has become all too common among many women. It’s offensive.

Substitute “Catholics,” “Jews,” “African Americans,” “Chinese,” etc. for Warren’s “men,” and such a remark would be called for it is–blatant prejudice. If a male candidate–Democrat or Republican–had said dismissively, “it must have been a woman,” and that certain women would have trouble finding a man, he would be crucified.

While men have always bashed and trashed women, the way to end bad male behavior like that is not to trash men.

Nor is this the way to win over the voters that a candidate would need to be elected president. As I have said, in my book, Man Out: Men on the Sidelines of American Life, and in op-eds in the Washington Post and USA Today, Democrats (and Republicans) need to pay attention to serious issues affecting men–from dropping out of the work force and poor physical and mental health to fathers’ rights (and children’s rights to their fathers) and alienation and isolation.


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