More men not working since Trump took office

Man Out

Donald Trump pledged to get more Americans back to work. Despite a surging stock market and a falling unemployment rate, the percentage of men age 20 and older who are working has fallen since Trump was inaugurated. In December 2017, 71.6 percent of adult men were working, compared to 71.8 percent in January, the U.S. Department of Labor reported today.

For those who may argue that this is the result of an aging population or more young people in college, the participation rate for 25-to-54-year-old men fell by more than 2 percentage points since 2006.

In fact, only among men 55 and older are labor force participation and work increasing.

Fewer and fewer American men are working. Since 2006, just before the Great Recession, when 73.5 percent of males 16 and older were in the workforce, men’s labor force participation rate fell to 69.2 percent in 2016. Among those who are working, pay has largely been stuck for years, despite a small recent upturn, and ever fewer workers receive employer-provided benefits.

For millions of men (and women) on the sidelines of American life, the U.S. economy has failed them.


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